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Cobham Antenna Systems

Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas is a specialist in the design and manufacture of microwave antennas for defence, security, satellite and commercial applications, worldwide.


We constantly develop antennas for new and emerging markets and applications. 


With more than 2000 antenna designs available, our flat panel, sector, omni, hemi omni and ultra wideband antennas are used in locations as diverse as UAVs, helicopters, aircraft, missiles, race cars, railway systems, TV cameras, weather buoys and satellites. 


The company’s production, development and testing facilities are based in one UK location which ensures fast transition from design to production.   


Our antennas are supplied to some of the largest organisations and companies worldwide.


All antennas are tested throughout development to ensure they meet quoted specifications and comply with relevant legislation.


Environmental testing can be carried out to recognised standards.


  • Customer focused antenna design from initial concept to production
  • Proven expertise and knowledge of all aspects of RF performance
  • More than 1200 existing antenna designs provide cost effective solutions 
  • Appropriate mechanical design to meet the specified environment
  • Approved supplier to major international defence and commercial organisations
  • Mil standard qualification available
  • ISO9001, 14001 AND 18001 certified company


Please check the catalogue for more information:

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