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The MI 3121H Smartec 2,5 kV Insulation / Continuity is the portable measuring instrument for complete diagnostic testing of insulation and continuity measurements.



  • Insulation resistance up to 100 GΩ with DC voltage up to 2.5 kV;
  • PI, DAR calculation;
  • Continuity of PE conductors with 200 mA test current and polarity change;
  • Continuity of PE conductors with 7 mA test current (continuous measurement) without RCD tripping;
  • TRMS voltage and frequency.



  • Measuring range up to 100 GΩ with test voltage from 100 to 2500 V.
  • Polarisation Index (PI) and Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) calculation.
  • Measuring results are displayed in numeric and analogue representation.
  • Guard test terminal for elimination of potential surface leakage currents.
  • Automatic polarity reversal on continuity test.
  • Large green and red lights of the LEDs for PASS / FAIL evaluation of test result.
  • Suited for testing on CAT IV installations.
  • Magnetic holder for fixing instrument on metal surfaces.
  • Built-in battery charger.
  • Two level memory structure for saving test results and parameters.
  • Download of results via RS232 or USB cable directly to the PC with the help of the PC software EuroLink PRO.



Dimensions (w x h x l): 140 x 80 x 230 mm
Mass (without accessories): 0,85 kg

MI 3121H Standard setMI 3121H

  • Instrument Smartec Insulation / Continuity
  • Soft hand strap
  • Test lead, 2 x 1.5 m
  • Test probe, 2 pcs (black, red)
  • Crocodile clip, 2 pcs (black, red)
  • Power supply adapter + 6 NiMH rechargeable batteries, type AA
  • Instruction manual on CD
  • Short instruction manual
  • Handbook on CD
  • Calibration certificate

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