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Analyser for complex signals NHT-3D

NHT-3D is a high-performance handheld analyzer up to 400 KHz designed for measurement of electric and magnetic fields which are characteri zed by complex or impulse form factors and broad band field meter up to 40 GHz 
Thanks to the interchangeability of the probes it is possible to configure the instrument for measurements in different spheres of work andin full compliance with industry standards. 
The “Real Time” operating mode function provides a quick view of the main indexes and the field trend in time and frequency domains through repeated acquisitions generating up to 65.536 samples. These acquisitions may be triggered manually or automatically. 
The “Monitoring” operating mode function allows for the signals to be recorded to the non-volatile internal  memory of the instrument from the  probe. Thanks to this feature it is possible to download the data to a PC and extract the relevant information such as  signal amplitude / frequency and indexes acquired during the monitoring period. 
This feature together with the instrument’s battery autonomy allow it perform monitoring  time (>30h). 

Main Areas of Application: 

  • Energy 
  • Telecommunication (TLC) 
  • Medical 
  • Railway 
  • Automotive 
  • Military 


  • Selective measurements for  magnetic induction (H) and electric fields with any form factor.  
  • Frequency range from DC – 40 GHz. 
  • Time domain analysis (oscilloscope mode with automatic and manual trigger) 
  • Frequency domain analisys  and FFT spectral analysis  until  400 KHz in real time up to 65536points  
  • Dynamic Range>100 dB without range changing 
  • Selectable indexes: 

             II98    (Icnirp 1998 Health Physics 74:494-522-1998) 
             WP10 (Icnirp 2010 Health Physics 99:818-836-2010) 
             IB50   (Time domain Analysis CEI EN 62233) 
             IRSS  (Frequency domain Analysis CEI EN 62233) 

  • Calculation and display of RMS, IRMS, Max, Min, instant, Fmax 
  • Display screen which indicates safety threshold limits according to current safety standards in the public or the professional sphere  
  • Complete signal monitoring with the possibility of multiple sessions 
  • Power supply: Li-ion battery with over  30 hours of  operation time 
  • Fiber optic communication (up to 40mt)  
  • Firmware updating by user 



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