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Broadband FM field meter NHT-310

The NHT-310 meter is capable of measuring a wide frequency of electric, magnetic and electomagnetic fields. By selecting and inserting the appropriate probe the instrument covers all frequencies from DC to millimeter waves.

Key features:

  • Broadband measurement capability from DC up to 40 GHz utilizing a range of probes
  • Interchangable probes for measuring Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic fields
  • Magnesium Shell
  • Intergated temperature sensor and GPS unit
  • X,Y,Z analogue output
  • Battery autonomy > 70 hours
  • Data logger > 21000 samples
  • Multiple monitoring ang logging capability
  • Over 24 hours of recording time (step 5s)
  • Microlink software for displaying measurements and data
  • Optical interface / USB


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