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The EME Guard

A broadband personal meter to monitor and record EMF exposure near antennas

Main features 

User profile

  • Anyone working close to emitting antennas (broadcast, base station, radars …) 
  • Installation and maintenance staff, broadcast, PMR and mobile phone operators or regulatory bodies employees  

Measurement capabilities

  • Continuously records the electromagnetic field level and alerts user to potential over-exposure

Frequency bands

  • 27 MHz to 40 GHz

Related recommendations

  • FCC 96-326
  • Safety Code 6
  • 2013/35/UE 

        New EU Directive 

  • Exposure thresholds are user-definable and can be adapted to any recommendation

System Configuration 


■ EME Guard Analysis


■ Case
■ Belt clip
■ USB cable
■ Battery charger 


 Holster


■ Calibration report
■ Initial calibration
 Additional calibration
 Training
 Extended warranty

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