GIGA Electronics Ltd

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Yokogawa has been involved in the measuring field since its founding and has contributed to many industries through its supply of test and measurement equipment. The Company provides reliable measuring instruments for the development and production of electrical, electronic, and automotive equipment, as well as for the environmental measurement and communications markets. Yokogawa is also engaged in businesses involving products such as confocal scanners for the real-time observation of life processes at the molecular level and drug discovery support systems for the automatic testing of candidate compounds, and the Company anticipates that these businesses will become market leaders.


Yokogawa is also steadily developing its aircraft instrument and marine navigation system businesses and its environmental business. Yokogawa’s flat panel displays feature high visibility and superb environmental resistance, and are used in the cockpits of the latest Airbus airliners. The Company supplies a full lineup of navigation systems such as gyrocompasses and autopilots for vessels of all kinds, from large passenger ships to freighters. Yokogawa’s environmental business supplies hydrological and meteorological equipment that include measuring instruments such as rain gauges and hydrostatic level gauges.