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GEROH is a medium sized company from Waischenfeld in Franconian Switzerland, which has specialized in the production of mobile precision mast systems and military transport systems.

Since the company formation in 1946, GEROH has established itself as an internationally successful company. Initially, only telescopic masts were produced, which were used to quickly develop a comprehensive product assortment of modern mast systems for every imaginable application. With the experience and know-how from more than 65 years , we now produce highly modern mast systems and light and middle transport systems. Our products are used worldwide by rescue and security services, fire departments as well as armed forces.

Furthermore, armed forces and their special units, police and fire department units, along with countless customers from the mobile radio, traffic monitoring, measuring and environment technology and regulation authorities are among our satisfied customers. Correspondingly, GEROH enjoys the great reputation to increase the performance, mobility and effect of all emergency forces through its products. With the scenario-optimized and deployment-tested devices, GEROH has a technological top position in the area of mast and transport systems.