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Picotest U6200A Universal Counter



  • 12 Digit Resolution
  • Easy to use keypad
  • 1mHz – 400MHz  Ch1 and CH2
  • 375MHz to 6GHz on CH 3 included FREE
  • 10MHz synchronization included FREE
  • Optional rear Inputs are isolated from the front panel allowing 4+1 measurement channels
  • 40ps time domain function resolution.
  • Time Base Stability: < 1 PPM temperature and <2PPM per year
  • Optional Oven Stability <5PPB temperature and <80PPB per year
  • Electronic Calibration
  • Statistics & Math Functions
  • 20GHz module option available
  • SCPI commands are compatible with the Agilent 53132A

What's included with all models:

  • CD(User manual & software applications), power cord, and USB cable.
  • Three (3) Year Manufacturer's Warranty 


  • U6200A - U6200A Universal Counter
  • U6200AGC - U6200A with built-in GPIB
  • U6200AO - U6200A plus High Stability Oven
  • U6200AH - U6200A plus 250MHz-20GHz RF Module
  • U6200AI2 - U6200A plus Rear Input Module(CH1/CH2)
  • U6200AI3 - U6200A plus Rear Input Module(CH1/CH2/CH3)*


All the options available must be factory installed before shipment.
  • U6200-opt01 - High Stability Oven Oscillator Module
  • U6200-opt02 - 250MHz-20GHz RF Module
  • U6200-opt04 - Rear Input Module(CH1/CH2)
  • U6200-opt05 - Rear Input Module(CH1/CH2/CH3)*
*Due to configuration within the unit the 250MHz-20GHz RF Module (U6200-opt02) cannot be added in combination with the Ch1, Ch2, Ch3 rear panel.
The Picotest U6200A offers a higher frequency capability, better oscillator temperature stability, higher voltage measurement bandwidth, higher resolution and many other benefits compared with the competition. The U6200A CH3 is included free and has a range from 375 MHz to 6GHz. An optional 20GHz module is also available. The rear inputs are not connected to the front panel inputs, allowing up to 5 measurement channels. Other benefits compared with the competition include faster measurements, faster statistics, USB and LAN inputs, better damage protection levels and electronic calibration.

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