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The DL350 ScopeCorder is a portable instrument featuring the deep measurement and recording capabilities you need in the lab in a compact instrument you can take into the field. A ScopeCorder combines the transient signal capturing capabilities of an oscilloscope with the long-term datalogging capabilities of a data recorder. For “quick and easy” troubleshooting or sophisticated mixed-signal datalogging, the DL350 is a portable, powerful, and useable engineering tool that makes complete measurements completely portable.


Maximum 32-Channels Analog Input in a Battery-Operated Compact Chassis

Choose from 18 types of input module and install up to 2 in a ScopeCorder at a time to configure a ScopeCorder up to 32 channels.

  • A4-sized compact chassis
  • Simultaneous isolated inputs maximum 8-ch (1 MS/s) or 4-ch (100 MS/s) Scanning inputs maximum 32-ch (10 kS/s) or 16 channels (20 kS/s)
  • AC/DC/Battery operated

Flexible recording in a single portable tool with superior noise immunity and vibration resistance

Flexible input

Choose from 18 types of input modules that are compatible with other ScopeCorders
DL350 Noise And Vibration Proof

Vibration resistant

Instruments used for in-vehicle driving tests or field maintenance must be able to make reliable measurements. The DL350 has an aluminum inner frame and an external rubber bumper and conforms to the Japanese JIS D1601 standard for resisting in-vehicle shock and vibration.

Operates in freezing temperatures

Even when used with the rechargeable battery, the DL350 will operate in temperatures from 0 to 45 degrees. The DL350 brings high-quality laboratory measurements into the harsh environments of the field.

High-speed and long-term recording using large memory and direct recording onto an SD card

  • Up to 100 Mega-points per module memory
  • Up to 50 days continuous recording onto SD card

Ease of use in the field

  • Intuitive operation using 8.4 TFT touch screen
  • A choice of two operating modes, oscilloscope or data recorder
  • DL350 Assistant Software helps configure settings and back up data on the spot

More than a test tool

The DL350 ScopeCorder combines in one compact instrument all the measurement and recording capabilities you need when you are away from your office or lab. The DL350 provides the flexibility you need when you need it: whether you are recording high-speed transients or long-term signals, using ‘quick and simple’ setup or advanced features.

Complete self-contained signal conditioning

Whether it is straightforward high precision voltage measurements or a blend of signals coming from such things as current probes, temperature sensors, strain gauges, accelerometers and serial buses, the DL350 can handle them all without extra boxes or cables.

This extraordinary input capability is achieved by providing 2 slots, which can be populated with any of 18 different types of user-swappable input modules. This means, for example, that 4 isolated 16-bit voltage inputs can be measured at 1 MS/s, alongside 16 temperatures. Swap a module and measure at 100 MS/s with 12-bit and 1 kV of isolation. Meanwhile there are 16 built-in logic inputs; swap in a digital input module to add even more. Make AC measurements like a DMM with an RMS module in real-time or use a math channel after the recording is finished.

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