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VIAVI Solutions/Aeroflex Avionics

VIAVI Solutions/Aeroflex Avionics recognizes the importance of the global team approach, VIAVI Solutions/Aeroflex Avionics has co-ordinated efforts across the globe to manage customer accounts.


  • Global support
  • End-to-end support
  • Technical support
  • Service support

Global Network

  • Manufacturing and distribution representatives covering customer needs globally

VIAVI Solutions/Aeroflex Avionics Strengths

  • Our use of experienced engineering personnel as part of the sales effort enables close technical collaboration with you during the design and qualification phase of new technologies and equipment. We believe that this is critical to the integration of the product into your equipment.
  • We focus on performance, design and manufacturing innovation
  • We focus on strengthening our long-term customer relationships and provide worldwide support for sales and service
  • We invest in R&D and new product development to keep our solutions up-to-date with the latest high technologies
  • We use a team-based sales approach which enables close technical collaboration with our customers
  • We are ISO 9000 registered



VIAVI Solutions/Aeroflex Avionics
Test Equipment Catalog
VIAVI Solutions/Aeroflex Avionics
Quick Sheet
VIAVI Solutions/Aeroflex 3550R
Touch Screen Radio
Test System
VIAVI Solutions/Aeroflex 8800SX
Digital Radio
Test Set
VIAVI Solutions/Aeroflex 3920B Series
Analog and Digital
Radio Test Platform
VIAVI Solutions/Aeroflex Avionics PMR