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OPWILL Digital Single Fiber Fusion Splicer-OPWILL PFS-105

PFS-105 Digital Single Fiber Fusion Splicer is mainly used in optical communication, optical cable construction and maintenance. Mainly rely on release arc two optical fiber fusion, at the same time by using the principle of the collimating gently forward, so as to realize the coupling of optical fiber. 


  • High definition LCD display
  • PAS technology
  • Core or cladding alignment
  • Double heaters,30 Sec. tube-heat time      
  • 3 magnification modes, max. 360 magnification
  • 4 display modes, fiber core visible
  • 8 Sec. splice time
  • Lithium battery
  • Max. wind velocity of 15m/s     
  • Splicing method: auto, manual
  • Store 8000 groups of splice results
  • USB interface


Mainly applied to the operators, engineering companies, enterprises and institutions of the optical fiber cable line engineering construction, the line maintenance, emergency repair and production test of fiber optic devices and research teaching scientific research institutes. 

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