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LabMaster 10 Zi-A Oscilloscopes

The LabMaster 10 Zi is the world's highest bandwidth real-time oscilloscope - 100 GHz at 240 GS/s. LabMaster 10 Zi-A is also modular - it breaks channel count barriers and provides more "bandwidth density". The modular design provides the simplest upgrade path in bandwidth and channel count, with one acquisition module providing four channels at 36 GHz or two channels at 65 GHz, with capability for up to 20 acquisition modules

The Ultimate in High Bandwidth Performance

  • Up to 100 GHz
  • Up to 80 Channels @ 36 GHz
  • Up to 240 GS/s
  • Up to 1536 Mpts/Ch
  • 50 fs rms Sample Clock (Intrinsic) Jitter
  • Jitter Between All Channels of <130 fs rms

LabMaster 10 Zi modular systems re-define oscilloscope performance and capabilities.

  • Multi-channel operation at the highest bandwidths
    • 20 channels @ 100 GHz
    • 40 channels @ 65, 60 or 50 GHz
    • 80 channels @ 36, 30, or 25 GHz
  • Bandwidth and channel upgrade flexibility
  • ChannelSync for precise synchronization of all acquisition modules
    • <130 fs rms Jitter Between All Channels
  • Server-class CPU w/ 32 GB RAM standard
  • Ultra-high stability sample clock, Jitter <50 fs rms
  • 3.5 ps (20-80%) rise time
  • 14.1 Gb/s hardware serial trigger

Multi-Lane Serial Data Analysis with SDAIII-CompleteLinQ

Compare eye, jitter and noise measurements on up to 4 lanes, simultaneously. Gain a complete understanding of sources of jitter and noise with a the industry's most complete serial data analysis package

Optical Modulation Analysis with Optical-LinQ & IQScope-RT

Make undistorted measurements with up to 70 GHz of coherent optical receiver bandwidth with the Coherent Solutions IQScope-RT and LabMaster 10-65Zi-a oscilloscope. Use the Optical-LinQ software for  for complete constellation analysis and OMA measurements such as EVM.

New PAM4 Measurements Package

Analyze PAM4 signals, measuring eye, jitter and noise parameters for all eye openings on PAM4 signals.


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