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GIGA ELECTRONICS EOOD is established in 2000. We are leading distributor of professional test & measurement equipment in Bulgaria. Our company offers the broadest range of test solutions for electrical parameters. Some applications below::

Wireless communications:

  • Test systems for radio planning and optimization of GSM/UMTS/LTE/5G/TETRA;
  • Testers for installation and maintenance of analog and digital communication and radio navigation systems;
  • Systems for radio monitoring and radio direction finding in frequency ranges up to 3.5 GHz;
  • General purpose instrumentation: signal generators, spectrum and vector analyzers, radio test sets, power meters/VSWR/modulations, etc.;
  • Antennas in frequency ranges from 100 MHz to 40 GHz;
  • Accessories – test cable assemblies, attenuators, combiners/dividers, directional couplers, loads, connector adapters, etc.
  • Others...


Telecommunication and IT:

  • Metro/GbE/Ethernet Testers up to 100 G;
  • SONET/SDH up to STM-64/PDH Testers;
  • LAN Testers and Cable Certifiers;
  • CATV Testers;
  • Fiber Optic Testers (OTDR, LS, PM);
  • GPS Receivers and NTP SyncReceivers;
  • Others...



  • Avionics Navigation ILS/VOR and VHF/UHF Communication Test Sets;
  • Transponder/DME/TCAS/TACAN Flight Line Test Sets;
  • Air Data Test Sets and Pitot Static Testers;
  • Avionics Battery Chargers/Analyzers;
  • Avionics Cable and Antenna Testers;
  • Others….



  • Environmental Simulation Chambers of Temperature, Relative Humidity, Solar Radiation, Thermal Shock, Salt Spray, Altitude, Splash/Water, etc…;
  • General Purpose Instrumentation: Digital Oscilloscopes, Signal and Function Generators, Multimeters, Laboratory Power Supplies, Electrical Safety Testers, Microclimate Testers, etc.;
  • High Voltage Power Supplies, Loads, Solar Array Simulators, etc.;
  • Calibrators and Standards of Electrical Parameters;
  • Time & Frequency Standards and Distribution;
  • EMC/EMI Test Systems, instruments, components, antennas and accessories;
  • EMF Testers, Personal Dosimeters and Protective Clothing;
  • Microclimate Testers – temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Luminance and Vibrations;
  • Others...


Electrical Installations and Power Efficiency:

  • Multifunctional Testers of Electrical Installations;
  • Insulation and Earth Resistance Testers;
  • HVAC Testers;
  • Power Quality Analyzers;
  • Thermovision Cameras;
  • Others...



  • Precision Cable and Pipe Locators;
  • Cable Avoidance Tools;
  • Pipeline integrity and corrosion control;
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Systems;
  • Plastic Water Pipe Locators;
  • Time Domain Reflectometers;
  • Others...



  • Specialized Spectrum Analyzer for Eavesdropping Protection Surveys;
  • Non-Linear Junction Evaluator for Detection of Hidden Electronic Devices;
  • Cellular Phone Detectors;
  • Radio Jammers and White Noise Sources;
  • Others...