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Model MW9325

Pocket Multifonctions Tester

The MW9325 is a multi-functional installation tester that checks the wiring of outlets and performs measurements related to electrical installation verification. It can be used as a TRMS multimeter, a socket tester and more to certify the safety of electrical installations according to IEC/EN61557-3 and IEC/EN61557-6. Via a QR Code and a smartphone, the customer can generate test reports with all measurements performed.

  • TRMS voltage measurement
  • Checking for lack of earth
  • Phase-Neutral-Earth reversal verification
  • Trip time measurement of the RCD 
  • Measurement of earth loop without RCD tripping in TT or TN mode
  • Measurement of the presumed short-circuit
  • Harmonics measurement and THD display in %
  • Automatic saving and report creation via smarthpone
  • CAT III 300V

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